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About Annie
Salem's one and only Asian food mart owned and operated by Annie Lin, who has also owned Koto at 90 Washington Street for over 8 years. Annie is from Fujian, China and moved to the Boston area 15 years ago. The reason Annie decided to open Annie's Asian Mart in Salem was that there are no local Asian markets so people have to drive twenty minutes or more out of the way, but there is often too much traffic. In addition, Salem is the ideal location due to many family owned businesses, abundant culture, and monuments. In a way, Salem is a mini-Boston! Annie realized that downtown Salem has a lot of foot traffic since there are countless Witch shops, but not enough places to get food. On June 24, Annie opened her long-awaited Asian Mart and brought Asian culture to Salem!
72 Washington Street, Salem, MA, 01970
Annie Asian Mart @2023